3.5kW Residential Solar Package

GoodWe 3000D-NS Inverter

As part of the 3.5kw package, the inverter is provided by GoodWe. Their high-quality solar inverters are popular across Australia and around the World. Easy Solar doesn't hesitate to recommend GoodWe inverters, which is why we believe this is the perfect inverter for smaller homes to get into solar with the GoodWee 3000D-NS Inverter.

Coming with up to a 10 year warranty, you can rest easy knowing you can trust this system to work for the years to come. A high efficiency rate of close to 98% means it's one of the best systems on the market.

Featuring a bright LED/LCD screen and wifi means it's a easy to use solution for those new to solar who want to keep track of how their Solar is performing.

GoodWe 3000D NS inverter

Inverter Specifications



Output Power


W x H x D: 347 x 432 x 145mm

5 years (additional 5 years can be purchased)


  • Clean Energy Council (CEC) approved
  • AA ranking in PHOTON testing
  • Wi-Fi capability
  • Anti-reverse function (built-in)
  • IP65

Which Solar Panels Are Used in This Package?

ET Solar - Elite Mono ET-M660275WB

Our 3.5kW residential solar package comes fully installed with tier-1 panels from the Bloomberg list. ET Solar is trusted the world over for their high performing panels and cutting edge specifications.

Coming with a 10-year guarantee meaning you won't need to worry about them breaking down any time soon. This 5kW package will provide your roof with 13 of these great solar panels.

With an efficiency rating of 16.90%, they are perfect for Western Australian homes that enjoy bathing in sunlight most of the year. The panels offer great load capacity with 2,400Pa wind loads and 5,400Pa for snow.

et solar panels 275w

Solar Panel Technical Specifications

ET Solar


Maximum Power

Power Tolerance
0 to +5W

Module Efficiency

Maximum System Voltage:
DC 1000V

W x H x D: 992 x 1640 x 35 mm

Operating Cell Temp
- 40~ + 85℃
Nominal Cell Temp: 45±2℃

≥IP67 rated junction box with 60 cells (series)
Maximum load of 5,400 Pascals

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The ideal package for smaller homes, this 3.5kW Solar package is a great addition to your property, offering a great return on investment thanks to the energy buyback scheme. The benefits of installing this solar package to your roof will be almost immediate with a cut to energy bills every month!

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