5kW Solar Package – Medium sized homes

Our 5kW solar package is ideal for medium sized homes or apartments. With a smaller number of panels, it can even fit on smaller sized roofs and homes in WA.

You will have an overall lower cost, while still seeing incredible savings on your energy bills.

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Residential Solar can start from as little as $3.50* a day!

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5kW Solar System

Our 5kW package is a great addition to small and medium homes in WA, offering exceptional price to performance. We’ve seen great success in bringing down energy bills when this has been installed on 2-3 bedroom family homes. This package includes:

  • GoodWe 5kW inverter (single-phase or three-phase)
  • 20 x 275W ET Solar panels
  • Installation

Backed by exceptional warranty from booth GoodWe and ET Solar, as well as Easy Solar’s expert installers, you can rest easy knowing your in the hand of the solar experts.

GoodWe 5000D-NS Inverter

Coming with the 5kW package is the GoodWe 5000D-NS inverter. This hugely popular option is a favourite among installers and solar experts for a variety of reasons.

GoodWe are a global manufacturer of high-quality solar inverters, meaning they are a trusted brand for solar applications for homes and small businesses.

The 5000D-NS comes with a range of features to help your solar system perform at its peak. With excellent cooling, low noise design, state of the art software and IP65 dust and water protection, this inverter will be with your home for year to come.

GoodWe 5000D NS inverter

Technical Specs



Maximum Power

Total weight
14 kg

Minimum Efficiency

W x H x D: 347 x 432 x 145mm

5 years (additional 5 years can be purchased)

Clean Energy Council (CEC)
AA ranking in PHOTON testing
Wi-Fi capability to monitor the
inverter remotely
Anti-reverse function (built-in)
Fan-less and low-noise

ET Solar - Elite Mono ET-M660275WB

ET solar offers these Elite Panels which are listed as Tier-1 on the Bloomberg list. This listing means they are trusted the world over for their quality and specifications. Your roof will use 20 of these 275w high-quality solar panels.

With an industry-leading 18.44% efficiency rating, the M660300WB panels are perfect for your home. The 300W peak power means they can take full advantage of the Australian sun. The panels are treated with an anti-reflective coating that also acts as protection against dirt and grime, allowing rainwater to easily clean the panels and keep efficiency high.

The panel comes with a 25-year performance warranty and a 10-year warranty on the panel itself. Keeping your mind at ease over these top quality panels. With great load capacity against wind and snow, they can handle the elements with ease.

et solar panels 275w

Technical Specs

ET Towards Excellence


Power Tolerance
0 to +5W

Module Efficiency

Maximum System Voltage:
DC 1000V

W x H x D: 992 x 1640 x 35 mm

Operating Cell Temp
– 40~ + 85℃
Nominal Cell Temp: 45±2℃

≥IP67 rated junction box with 60 cells (series)
Maximum load of 5,400 Pascals

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For medium sized homes our 5kW package is the perfect solar addition to your home. With high quality panels and industry leading inverter, you’ll see great returns with huge savings on your energy bills.

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