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John chadwick

John Chadwick

John Chadwick is the company director of With around a decade of experience in the industry, he knows the ins and outs of everything related to solar. From the panels to inverters to the entire solar system, John is the man to turn to.

Despite his experience, he is continually willing to learn and is always eager to discover new things. He reads a lot about solar, from reports to articles. He also watches documentaries and news about solar. He passes vital information on to Easy Solar customers, such as the latest news on Western Australia solar rebates.

John regularly deals with customers; providing tips and advice on how to maintain their solar panels. He also shares information about products and brands. It helps customers understand which among the choices would be best for their needs and budget.

John Chadwick is a believer in adapting and adjusting, which are two important qualities of a company director. The solar panels, inverters, batteries, and the entire system will continue to evolve. Being open to these changes and ensuring the customers know about them has helped the business grow.

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