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Zoltan Hardy who works for easy solar as an enphase specialist.

Zoltan Hardy

Zoltan Hardy is the Enphase specialist here at Easy Solar. Many customers often find it difficult to select the right inverter for them. Inverters are as important as the panels in the solar system. Without it, the panels will only generate DC power, which the household cannot use.

Therefore, customers should also know the correct inverter for their home or office. Zoltan can guide them throughout the entire process. These revolutionary products can fit any home and budget. However, it is still necessary to find the most suitable inverter.

Zoltan’s many years of experience in the solar industry have led him to extend his expertise in all solar energy aspects. He has a comprehensive grasp of various products and technologies, not just Enphase. He has also worked with the customers, so he knows how to handle requests and enquiries.

He has authored some of the guides on the Easy Solar blog to share his vast knowledge with our customers, including this complete guide about solar power production.

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