The Battery-Ready Package

To be truly battery-ready, it is a necessity that the clients have a hybrid inverter installed for their solar system. Easy Solar believes that the best single-phase inverter is a Huawei 5kw. Here are our offered package solutions for battery-ready solar systems:

Hybrid Deal
1 x Huawei 5kw hybrid inverter
22 x ET 300w mono perc panels
Fully installed

Battery package

Second Option
1 x Fronius 5kw Symo hybrid inverter
22 x ET 300w Mono Perc panels
Fully installed

Product Description

The Huawei hybrid is a single-phase inverter. We have paired it with the ET Elite 300W Mono Perc Panels to get excellently reliable results. Huawei is a brand known all over the world. While the company has many other products, it also produces inverters that are priced competitively.

The product offers a maximum efficiency of 98.6%, which is higher than most other inverters in the market. It has a simple design, weighing only 10.6kg. The lightweight inverter makes a one-person installation process successful. Its easy style is optimised for quick wiring to the clients’ AC connector.

The Huawei hybrid is battery-ready and comes with a built-in energy storage monitoring interface. The whole product is safe, rated IP65 with a natural cooling system. It is also AC and DC lightning protected to ensure the users’ security during such weather conditions.

The other option features Fronius Symo, the only three-phase inverter on the market. This energy package is made to take advantage of solar power all through the day. The hybrid inverter boasts power classifications from 3 to 5kW. This inverter stores unused energy in the battery so homes and businesses can eventually be free from high power bills.

Paired with the Fronius Symo and the Huawei inverters are the ET 300W mono perc panels. These top quality solar panels are among the most reliable products available today. They have excellent loading capacities, giving them a longer-lasting life.

Battery products




Max efficiency

Max PV Power (Recommended)

Maximum Input Voltage

Battery package specifications

Start-up Voltage

Number of MPPT

Max Input Current
11A per MPPT

Maximum Output Current

With anti-islanding protection, as well as DC reverse polarity protection. The inverter also has insulation and residual current monitoring.

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