The EasySolar blog is the best place for news and other relevant information about the solar industry in Australia, particularly in the WA state. Solar power has become a fast-growing industry in the country where over 2.4 million installations had taken place as of June 2020. It's why the WA Government continues to implement different schemes, aside from the existing Solar Buyback Scheme.

As a homeowner who may be planning to have solar PV installed, we suggest you read our posts under the Solar Power Guides category. We have compiled everything you need to learn about solar, including when to install and how solar production works.

You may already be aware of the perks of having solar installed on the rooftop of your house. But these gains are not limited to homeowners. If you run a business, you may want to consider installing commercial solar, as well. This blog post explains why it's beneficial to do so.

Plus, there is one more reason why you should go solar. You could qualify for the Instant Asset Write Off, where eligible businesses can claim a deduction for a portion of the installation of solar. This blog post delves deeper into what it is about, along with the other inclusions of the Government stimulus package.

As a business owner, using solar panels for your office, warehouse, or any other structure, may seem risky. The concept can be quite confusing and complex. Perhaps you have heard about more prominent companies going solar. Even if you know some of the advantages, you still think it is not feasible for your business to

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Ever Wondered How Solar Power Works? With the constantly increasing power bills, people looked for ways to save money. That is when solar systems were born. In our world today, electricity is not cheap. In Australia, South Australia has the highest energy consumption with an average of $1,898.80, closely followed by New South Wales, which is only

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