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Easy Solar offer the following packages based on customer needs demands. The highest quality proven products are always used and the Easy Solar Team are 100% committed smooth quick installation maintenance procedures. Rather than being a sales-oriented service we pride our selves on service, knowledge and skill.

True value package

True Value Package

Easy Solar offers this package featuring the GoodWe 5kW inverter and ET Tier-1 panels. The combination implements cutting-edge technology for photovoltaic systems. Whether you need a single phase or three-phase system, this package is designed to cater for your specific power requirements. Staying strictly compliant with a rigorous quality yet without the high costs, this package is of great value indeed.

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Value upgrade package

Value Upgrade Package

This package comes with a 5kW GoodWe inverter, which can be used by either single or three-phase systems. Easy Solar trusts this inverter as it offers 98% efficiency and high gains, whether installed indoors or outdoors. Our Value Upgrade Package includes mono perc panels from Risen Energy. With a 12-year product warranty and performs excellently even in low light conditions, you will certainly get a valuable solar system with this combo.

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Premium package

The Premium Package

The Premium Package is available with a Fronius inverter for both single (Primo) and three-phase (Symo) systems. Alongside Fronius, we have added Canadian Solar to the mix. Both are reputable companies that use the latest innovative technology. The premium package offers increased power output, as well as a reliable system that is backed by up to 10 years of warranty.

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The Mono Package

The Mono Package

This package is complete with the ABB 6kW single-phase string inverter and the LONGi solar panels. The Mono Package is for residential and small business solar systems. Both the LONGi and ABB products can withstand harsh environmental conditions and are perfect for low power installations. Even at Light-Induced Degradation, you can count on the mono module to generate power for your home or office.

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Micro package specifications

The #1 Micro Inverter Package

The Enphase S270 is built to work with 60 and 72 cell modules, making the QCELL G5 suitable as part of the package. This microinverter solution is for those who may not have enough space on their rooftop. Despite the smaller size compared to traditional inverters, Enphase works with QCELL’s innovative cell technology. Whether in low radiation intensity or during bright days, your solar system will work correctly.

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Commercial package

The Commercial Package

Easy Solar backs Fronius as a top-quality inverter supplier for businesses that want to turn to solar power. The Commercial Package is customised based on your requirements and your power bills. We will help you design your system, so you get the most reliable and best value for your money. We often use Canadian Solar panels with the Fronius inverter, but we can make other arrangements as well.

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Battery package

The Battery-Ready Package

For those using batteries as part of their solar system, we have a hybrid deal using the Huawei 5kW hybrid inverter and ET 300W mono perc panels. For three-phase orders, we utilise the Fronius 5kW Symo hybrid inverter, which is the sole inverter of its kind. Easy Solar makes sure that you will get the appropriate system that is optimised for your power needs. The panels and the inverters are efficient, dependable, and with several years of warranty.

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