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Essential Facts about Solar Inverters

Commonly, consumers think about solar panels without evaluating their need for a solar inverter. This component is as important as the panels in your solar system. The inverters convert electricity that the panels gathered. This way, you can use it to power your appliances and lighting.

There are different types of inverters that you can choose from:


As the name suggests, this type is connected to the grid. It is often known as an inverter, which means it accepts both AC and DC power. A grid-connected inverter is the most versatile and performs various functions, including:

Grid-tied inverters can be a string inverter, a solar optimiser, or a micro inverter. A micro-inverter is a smaller type of inverter and is designed to work with individual panels. The traditional inverter is made to work with a string of modules. Although they are not new (introduced in the late 90s), microinverters have recently gained in popularity.

Perhaps the biggest advantage of using micro-inverters is that the outputs are not dependent on each panel. For instance, one of the panels is experiencing a lower output because of shade issues. When you use a micro-inverter, the rest of the panels will not be affected and will remain efficient.

The US National Renewable Energy Laboratory confirmed that using micro-inverters can give homes as much as a 12% increase in energy output.

We can help you select the best inverter, one that will best suit your needs. Here at Easy Solar, we sell the brands that we trust, particularly those with no to minimal complaints. These brands include:

In our years of experience, this company is the best of the best. Fronius opened its Australian office in 2010. Every string inverter from Fronius comes with a 5-year warranty but you can get another five years.

One of the oldest companies around, this German company has grown to be revered all over the world.

This company has a good reputation, especially when it comes to the reliability of their products.

Mono product

This Chinese company offers a 10-year warranty on their inverters. The manufacturing plants are situated in China but Growatt has offices in the UK and Germany.

One of the companies with the best warranty services, Goodwe is a Chinese company that specialises in string inverters.

Another Chinese manufacturer, Sungrow sells only single-phase inverters. The products are available at reasonable prices.

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