Understanding Solar Rebate

Before we get to pricing, it is important that customers understand solar rebate first. Solar rebate is a price reduction that you will receive when you buy the solar system. Consumers like you receive Small Technology Certificates (STC) or what is known as the Government Solar Rebate.

Heres what you need to know: 

  • The rebate is worked out on the number of panels you install on your property.
  • Our most popular package is the 6.6KW Package which means you are entitled to 109 solar trading certificates, which you as consumer assign to the solar company.
  • The rebate changes on the 1st of January each year and reduces in value so in 2019 you are entitled to 109 certs, but as of 1st of January 2020, you will be allowed to 100 certs.
  • It is a complex structure, which is why many consumers assign the STC creation and registration to their solar provider. In exchange, they get either an upfront discount or the real price of the system.
  • Another benefit you can get is from the Renewable Energy Buyback Scheme where consumers are paid for the electricity units that their solar system does not use on their home.

What About Feed-in Tariff?

A common misconception is that solar rebate and feed-in tariff are the same. At the moment, the latter is only priced at seven cents, but it does have a significant value.

Think of it this way: If you send back 1,000 units in a particular bill cycle, you have the same amount if you send back 300 units at night.

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